Electronic logging devices (ELD) are devices which are used electronically for recording a driver’s record of duty status. This is used for replacing the page logbook which drivers used to record their compliance. Today, huge number of drivers and fleets are using this automatic on-board recording Verizon ELD device which has ultimately reduced the paper work to great extent. This article will provide you a complete Verizon ELD review. Verizon ELD meets the needs of the fleets who are going to use it in accordance to Federal Motor carrier safety Administration.


The entire working of the Verizon ELD device depends on installing and connecting Verizon electronic logging device. First comes the process of installation. Below mentioned are steps for installing the device:

  • Firstly, you have to install ELD in the truck at that time you have to ensure that engine is turned off. After that you have to find the truck diagnostic port. The position of this port depends on the model of the truck. Usually, it is found under the dash near the handbrake.
  • Once the port is found then the cable is connected to it after that the collar tabs are lined up matching slot on the diagnostic port for ensuring a secure connection. That is where the installation process is completed.
  • Now, you have to find an appropriate place inside the truck where you can place the module and the mobile device. The ELD module could be mounted anywhere on the top or below the dash so that you can easily access it without distraction.

Now, comes the process of connecting the module to the tablet or mobile device. The connection could be done only after ignition is turned on. Below are the steps for connecting it:

  • You have to first of all download the Verizon app and then click on the app icon to open it on your phone or tablet. This will turn on the Bluetooth automatically after that the app is allowed to access the device.
  • You have to tap for pairing with new device. If needed you must enable GPS. When PIN is asked then you have to enter it and hit OK. This will pair the device and connect it.

Once the devices are connected you will find that indicator lights are solid red but after few seconds the left-side indicator light turns green which is an indication of a successful GPS connection. According to Verizon ELD reviews it could be said that ELD increases efficiency of the drivers as well as save their time as they no longer have to enter data into paper logs. This also helps in lowering the crash rates which also reduces the trucks downtime thus, it eliminates the disputes over hours used between management and drivers.

What makes Verizon ELD device useful?

Verizon ELD has all those features which aids on the fleet management and makes it much simpler. Some of these features are discussed below:

  • If there is any issue or maintenance reminder in the vehicle, then Vehicle health feature helps in diagnosing it.
  • It consists of GPS tracking device which records location and the information related to usage of engine. It helps even the drivers to get the GPS navigation as this tool is especially designed for finding out the truck routing and other appropriate restrictions. The data gathered by the GPS system could be even used for generating fuel tax reports.
  • Sometimes there are portable scanner which provide the driver the ability to scan paperwork from the vehicle itself. This tool is used by the back office staffs for monitoring the logs for violations and unlogged time of the driver’s duty status.
  • When it is used then you can get automatic notification of speeding, sharp acceleration and many more details. It also allows the driver and the back office staff to send messages using this system.


Though ELD rarely has any demerits but as it is all about Verizon ELD reviews, so few demerits are also mentioned. One major con is that it needs large amount of capital to install this device. Sometimes the GPS technology seems to be invasive to truck drivers and another disadvantage is that who all is going to be in touch with this device needs training to use this technology properly.

Importance of using Verizon ELD device

There are many such advantages of usage of ELD device for the fleets. When it is properly used then it helps in maximizing the productivity. Daily operations are streamlined and therefore the overall operational cost get reduced which ultimately increases profits. Some of the importance of Verizon ELD device are mentioned below:

  1. Saves fuel cost: As this device tracks the time when the driver is not working and by using this information such drivers are identified and removed. Thus, this saves lots of money every month as wastage of fuel is reduced.
  2. Increase in safety: This tool consists of safety monitoring tools which provide many other additional facilities like GPS tracking, efficient route management, identifying lousy driving drivers before any accident occurs, monitoring fault-code, etc.
  3. Improves CSA scores: The CSA scores are improved by ensuring that drivers are not driving more. This is done by analyzing the e-logs, HOS violations and other information from the tool.
  4. Tracking location: ELD devices enables the fleet managers to monitor vehicles by using the GPS tracking facility present in it. Therefore, there is no need to call the drivers each time they need an update as they get the information of the location very easily.


After having proper Verizon ELD review it could be said that all the data gathered by ELD has helped the companies to grow at much faster pace. This review will definitely help you if you are planning to buy an ELD device.

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