One of the fastest-growing social media networks, TikTok acquisition in 2017 of Musical.ly has come as a boon to people looking for a short burst of fun and entertainment. With more than one billion total downloads since its inception, this platform has surpassed even Instagram by more than 50%. This has led many content creators to buy real TikTok fans when uploading video content which helped them go viral in a short span.

TikTok as a platform did raise eyebrows initially with its unique format and popularity with the younger generation. The major cause of concern was its addictive nature. News coverages, articles, and blogs delved deep into trying to understand this new kid on the social media platform.

The impact of social media

A social media platform allows a large number of people to congregate on digital space and engage in various social activities. The medium provides an attractive feature that allows people to engage with it and spend more time on this platform. Apart from the social factors, earning revenue is the prime goal of these platforms, and the higher the number of people, the greater are the revenues. What started as a medium to connect friends, school mates, families, and extended families, this medium has transformed into one big global arena where individuals, companies, brands can advertise, market, and earn revenues from their products, contents, and services.

Social media platforms enable individuals and companies to create, upload, and distribute their contents that are entertaining, informative, educative, and engaging for its viewers. In the last decade, the digital medium has become the hub of advertising and branding. Nearly five billion people use the internet today and that is roughly 60% of the global population. One can imagine the kind of impact the internet has had on people who are more willing to engage online socially and commercially.

TikTok USP

Coming specifically to TikTok, this platform is similar to many others in the social media market yet it is distinctly unique. This platform has focussed on social responsibility, stringent testing and focus on smart growth. The security and safety of users from data misuse and harassment have been tested regularly in its market of origin before releasing worldwide. Apart from this, many filter options protect the content creators from unwarranted attention and harassment.

The continuous educating of the users on how to use the platform right in the initial stages has been an advantage when compared to other social media sites which took years to fine-tune their safety features.

The average duration of user stay on TikTok video is less than say YouTube, Instagram, or Snapchat video, and the viral nature of this video platform allows more engagements. In the USA alone around 26 million users spend an average of 46 minutes per day. The nature of viral video allows for low-cost viral marketing campaigns and the idea to get across the brand’s message to the audience who are impatient and have low attention day. Influencers and marketers such as TikTokStorm have enabled these TikTok campaigns to reach even those audiences who are not savvy on other platforms.