Garmin electronic logging device is a standalone device which is very simple and easy to use. One can use it for logging drive time. The most vital fact about Garmin Eld devices is that it can fit in any semi-truck and capture the hours. Beyond the initial purchase price, there are no other subscription price or any other fees. It works as long as smartphone software is kept updated. In order to ensure that the devices are in compliance, there is a need to update it regularly. Only when it is kept up to date it tracks and records without any hindrance in the process.


  1. Garmin Eld comes complete and ready use in a package. It is a small device and it is quite easy to plug in. Most importantly, it does not cause any obstruction in the duration of driving. A USB port is present on the device which enables easy records retrieval. After the drive time has been electronically documented it could be retrieved by the motor carrier company easily.
  2. The app could be accessed after downloading it from any smartphone. The devices are Bluetooth compatible. In the original package, you get a cable cord. As the drive time gets recorded automatically so it reduces the need for reporting it separately.
  3. It is quite easy to install as it is all-in-one devices so fits in any truck. After it fits then you have to do setup which is also very quick and simple. In order to complete the process, you have to take it out of the box, plug it in the truck, then download the app and thats all.
  4. Garmin Eld device is designed for hour tracking but there are numerous other features which cause hindrance in the functioning of the main feature. As there are no additional fees so the product accomplishes whatever is required. It is accessible more easily than any other models.
  5. Every time as your requirements changes you have to buy paper and pencil logs. But in the case of these devices, you have to just update firmware and software and you will get many new features. The installation process is quite simple but for convenience, it comes with easy setup guide. A driver or motor carrier have to follow these few simple steps for enabling the device.

These facts indicate the usefulness of Garmin eld devices. It explains that it is motor carrier companies and drivers first choice for recording time is this app. They highly appreciate this app for its quick installation and automatic time tracking feature. Many companies have switched from complex models to this one because it functions seamlessly. They always appreciate the simple step by step process of installation which is clearly mentioned in the guide. It fits into the port of any semi-truck and driver has to only remove the device from the box, plug it, download and install the app for starting the tracking process.