Movies are the best entertainment as compare to any other things, and online movies free movies are cherry on the cake. Here is a list of Sites like 123Movies.

Almost everyone have herd the name of 123Movies, but due to certain web circumstances we try to get alternatives of 123Movies, so here is the top best Sites like 123Movies.

Sites like 123Movies

sites like 123Movies

sites like 123Movies

Let’s grab some serious backup for our leisure time, also it would be difficult to search and waste our precious time on searching at high Site like 123Movies.

Top 10 123Movies Alternatives

  1. PrimeWire

PrimeWire offers similar services like 123movies. It have a huge collection of Movies, and TV shows. One can watch it online without paying any kind of charge. For accessing all this you need to register first on PrimeWire so that you can easily stream all the movies and TV shows for which you are here.

The website stays on the top of our list as there are extremely high number of users of this site. It accounts around 700k users who stream online movies and TV shows monthly on Sites Like 123Movies. The library is full of streaming movies and TV shows which attracts lots of audience worldwide. There are given link and duplicate links as well, in case any link is not working, this may help you out.

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2. IceFilms

Another successful alternative of 123movies is Icemovies. If you want to easily download your movie or TV Show on Sites Like 123Movies and want to watch is like that instead of just online streaming then, this Icefilm can be the best pickup for you.

Icefilm is known for its vintage collection of movies and if you are fan of vintage movies Icefilms will suit you the best. One can achieved their collection on daily basis this way they can attract a lot of people around the globe. One can forget Amazon Prime Video and Netflix as Icefilms covers almost every web series and Tv series for your entertainment purpose.

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  1. ZMovies

Zmovies is similar to Solar Movies. There is a special quality of ZMovies which is Sites Like 123Movies that it keeps you updated with all the latest movies and TV shows when it comes in the market, let it be CAM, SSD or HD format, Zmovies is the one where you can get all of the versions.

Zmovies doesn’t requires registration and can enjoy full features instantly. If you want to be regularly updated just follow the Zmovies on Facebook, they regularly update there with all of their latest content. This way there is no extra effort needed. This website can be a strong replacement for 123movies and that why it is in the Sites Like 123Movies list.

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  1. Vumoo

Vumoo develops a huge traffic on monthly basis. Vumoo accounts around 4 million users monthly and have gained awards for the best layout and user experience. The website is user friendly and have a huge content with great data base.

If you are fan of fmovies, just log in once to Vumoo you will love it. As the movie collection varies from vintage to trending. It have another category of currently watching movie which is quite exciting. The data base is more than 70000 and one can easily stream online.

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  1. Niter

Niter can be the best website for mobile users as this website is quite handy and can be perfect replacement for 123movies. The website display a dark background and the data is legendary, trending as well as popular.

This website stores some great content of all time, but due to lack in various other features which are available on other websites, there are around 60 thousand users monthly.

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  1. Go Movies

If you want to go through a vast content then Go Movies can be the best option for you. One can watch online as well as download it to watch later. There are several, other mirrors of Go Movies and each website generates a traffic of around 1 million users on monthly basis.

It can be an awesome replacement of 123movies as it provide quite better user experience. If you really spend your time into movies by searching for a good one. Just tap here and save your extra energy.

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  1. Putlocker

If you want to watch any movie online with not a single interruption then Putlocker can be the best option any one can get. As the best online streaming movie award movie award goes to Putlocker because of its service.

There is a massive data base available on Putlocker with all the valuable content. The website generates huge traffic which is around 600k every month. All the features of putlocker is similar to 123movies even the layout of it.

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  1. Yes Movies

Yes movies offer great competition to 123 movies on the base of users as well as content. Yes movies generates almost the maximum users of all and can be the perfect alternative for 123 movies.

The website is free from ads which makes user experience quite well and entertaining, also its data base is vast and website is quick and user friendly. The website also keeps you updated with latest episode of TV shows, movies, web series and many more. For all the trending stuff just log on to this website and enjoy for free.

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  1. Fmovies

Fmovies is the father of all the online streaming movie website. The website is user friendly and the content is so vast you have to differentiate with the help of genera. Once can get all the movies, TV shows, documentaries and many more over here.

Its ad free feature make sit more compatible all the time. There are only ads in the middle and the beginning of the video, which makes it quite similar like YouTube. Movies can be easily filter on the basis of country, IMDB rating and Genres.

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  1. Solar Movies

Solar Movie can be an implacable alternative for 123 movies. The website is quite similar to fmovies while we look for the layout. The menu and other things are also similar to fmovies.

Solar movies have a huge heap of data base of movies, TV shows etc. It provide direct data base and they provide direct link for online streaming and download. They also provide alternative links for no interference and good suggestion for all.

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Final Verdict

Here is the best list of Site like 123movies which can be perfect and very useful for you. When it comes for perfect alternative one can choose anyone. In case of any queries hit in the comment box.