Offshore software development service is such a type of outsourcing which provide complete software solutions to every company throughout their lifespan. In order to stay competitive software companies, have to plan for moving some portion of the operations offshore. Thus, offshore software development function as a key project management tool which focuses mainly on high quality, timely delivery and cost-effective features.

Process of Offshore Software Development Is A Form Of Outsourcing

  1.  Analyzing the requirement: This is the initial stage of the long process. It becomes essential to have analysis of customer requirement which is aimed at defining the required functionality, environment and interface of the future product. The experts quickly find out the vision of the requirement so that they can create its detailed functional specifications.
  2. Planning the project: Sometimes offshore software development can become complex and risky so there is need to plan carefully. Through proper planning. it is ensured that the project will not fluctuate from the targeted goal. This even increases the visibility to the client and management. Proper planning provides opportunity to analyze all the risks again and thus establish priorities and choose the best technical solutions and then conclude the schedules and resources.
  3. Software development: For having a successful custom software application development and product reengineering and customization services, highly skilled and talented workforce, proper infrastructure, tools and technologies is required. In the process of software development, the research and development activities is combined with expert team who is able is cut the edge technologies for creating brand new products and product categories.
  4. Delivery: When it comes about the delivery after offshore software development, then a strong and healthy delivery management plan must be followed and so that you are able to provide the customer all the technical documentation along with the tools, guidelines and experiences. Delivery process guarantees critical quality of service. Therefore, the weekly reports and conferences with the client is accompanied with product delivery.

The management of offshore software development is an automated process which improvises project management. This is the most important aspect which even improves visibility of the project to the clients. The actual fact is that when an offshore client places a product then the clients have greater risks than when a separate operation within a project is outsourced. Outsourcing is such a process which provide customers very less control over the process. All these procedures help in minimizing the inherent migration risks present in offshore software development process.