Using iOS applications on Android devices. Is it possible? Can we use iMessage For Android Phone? The answer is YES! Wondering how? Then you need to scroll down and read the complete guide as it includes a perfect tutorial on how to use iMessage on Android Phones.

If you have used both android and iPhone, then you must be knowing that the major difference between both the operating systems is it is next to impossible to use iMessage on Android devices but if you are having a technical knowledge, and with the help of this guide you can do it.

There is an alternative method through which you can use iMessage on Android smartphones, so without wasting any more minutes we will see how to do it.

But before we look at the alternative process, let us understand why it is impossible to directly use iMessage on Android phone.

The main reason is iMessage is a facility provided by the Apple company and the company is using an end-to-end encryption system. Now, this encryption system does not allow the other operating systems to send messages using the server of Apple. If your android device is not knowing how to decrypt those messages then it is impossible to use the feature on it.

How to use iMessage on Android Phone:

The alternative method through which you can use the iMessage on Android phone is through “weMessage”. You might be thinking that what is weMessage and how it can help you, right. Read the steps below.

weMessage is basically a short code or say a program with the help of which your android smartphones can use the iMessage feature.

In order to use weMessage you must have:

  • An account on iMessage. Your iMessage account is nothing else, but your own Apple ID.
  • A MAC running operating system. The version required is macOS 10.10 or higher than that.
  • Java 7 or higher version installed on your MAC device.
  • An android smartphone that functions on Android operating system 5.0 (lollipop) or higher version.
  • The weMessage application should be installed on your android smartphone.

If you want to easily setup iMessage on your android smartphone, then you must have these requirements fulfilled. However, iMessage can be used on both iOS and macOS because of the compatibility.

Apart from using weMessage, there are other ways too through which you can easily use iMessage on Android Phone, but using it through weMessage is highly recommended.

How to Download weMessage on Android Phone?

Now, in order to use iMessage on Android, it is important to have weMessage on android phone too right? Downloading weMessage on android smartphone is a very easy process, all you need to do is mentioned below:

  • Search your android phone, pick it up. If its already with you then well and good.
  • Unlock your phone and hit the Google play store icon.
  • Now in the search bar, type “weMessage”.
  • From the result, search weMessage and download the relevant one!

And its done! For more details you can also refer the official website of wemessageapp. Just type and you will find it!

So, what are you waiting for now? Download iMessage on Android phone and start enjoying!