The most important part of snowboarding is to stay warm. Usually staying warm means proper gear and many layers after spending a day on snow. You should always spend some time taking care of the gear.

Dirty and dump gloves could make you uncomfortable while snowboarding. You should dry and clean the gloves properly so that you don’t have to compromise on the pleasure of this sport.

Here are the details about how to dry your snowboarding gloves for keeping your hands warm in icy cold weather.

Step 1:

You have to tie a line in a warm room of your house and hang the snowboarding gloves to dry.

Step 2:

You should pat the gloves using a towel for soaking excess water into it.

Step 3:

Hang the shells fingers and gloves liner up on your hanging line and ensure that you have clipped them. if your gloves have extra layers, remove them and hang separately to dry.

Step 4:

Check if your gloves are drying well and also switch fingers to dry the clipped part properly.

Step 5:

It is better to use a clothespin for clipping your gloves and if you have wool gloves, try to dry it using a towel.

Drying method for synthetic gloves:

You should use an absorbent towel to dry the synthetic gloves gently. You could use a glove blow dryer to dry it or use the traditional steps above. Synthetic gloves usually don’t need extra care like leather gloves.

Drying method for leather gloves:

Leather gloves could crack up easily and that’s why you need to be more careful for drying these gloves. Avoid squeezing or wringing your leather gloves because this could be harmful for its stitching. You should not leave the gloves under sunlight directly. Hang the gloves by fingertips in the line to dry.

Drying method by using a boot dryer:

You could use the boot dryer to dry your gloves but remember that the high heat set for the boots could easily damage your gloves. Give it an automatic setting for drying because it could reduce the high heat and shut off automatically. Ensure that the boot dryer is easy to carry and it produces low noise. A USB connector is needed to use the dryer.

Drying method by using a blow dryer:

The heat of the blow dryer is lower than the heat of a boot dryer that doesn’t harm your gloves. Using a hair dryer is more useful because it produces even minimal heat. Don’t put the dryer very close to your gloves.

A heat vent for drying gloves:

If you prefer to warm your gloves in a shortcut way, a heat vent is perfect. You have to wash the gloves properly and lay your gloves over a heat vent. You should keep an eye on the gloves to get all-round dry gloves.

Drying the gloves naturally:

Setting out the gloves in air is probably a better way to make your gloves dry and letting the bad smell out from the gloves. You should try this method in humid weather as this increases the possibility of infections and fungal growth.

Gloves care after wash:

It is necessary to take good care of the gloves after washing them. follow the manufacturer’s instruction for better use. You would find a few tips about it such as spraying a water repellent spray on synthetic gloves or using a leather conditioner that would smooth out your gloves.

Time frame:

After leaving the slopes, your immediate task is to dry your snowboarding gloves. Bacteria and fungus could affect your gloves if you wait for a long time. Moreover, a foul or bad smell occurs by not drying them as soon as possible. Wet gloves may be the reason for frostbite that makes you uncomfortable. So the best way to avoid such problems is to spend some time drying our gloves.

Avoid mistakes:

  • Always check the heat of the non-traditional equipment like a boot dryer before using
  • Never strain the material of the gloves especially of leather gloves
  • Avoid radiators, ovens or microwave because they may respond negatively with the material or metal
  • Be careful about the color dyes of the gloves that could bleed
  • Avoid drying your gloves close to the open flame because it may cause an accident
  • Do not use harsh soap to wash the gloves as it may damage the material especially the leather gloves


You have probably invested a lot of money and time to buy the right pair of gloves for you. Thus, it is important to keep them safe and clean to prevent damage. Choose the gloves according to the weather and follow the manufacturer’s instruction to dry and clean them. you shouldn’t wear too heavy gloves as it produces the sweat inside the gloves by your hand that causes the bad smell. If you take good care of your gloves, you would feel comfortable and relaxed by wearing the gloves on your hands.