The popularity of some specific cigars over the common ones says a lot for their awesome quality. A definite explanation cannot be given to this matter. But we can discuss the world’s top-rated cigars to reach the exact explanation to some extent.

top rated cigars

Top Rated Cigars in the World:

1. Gurkha Cigars Cellar Reserve 15 Year: Gurkha cigars are top rated cigars (originated from the Dominican Republic) among its fans. The cigar is going up with its quality for 15 years. It remains packed in a wooden box that adds a fragrance and flavor to it. It comes with a reasonable price which is 24 rupees.

2. Davidoff Nicaragua Toro 96: Its origination is Nicaragua. It is a costly yet prized cigar. Containing a Habana seed rosado wrapper which is 10 years old, a Jalapa binder along with Condega, Ometepe and Esteli.

3. La Flor Dominicana Coronado Corona Especial: This is a cigar from the Dominican Republic. This cigar contains Piloto Cubano filler, Sumatra core. It remains wrapped in Dominican Corojo leaf as well as Nicaragua Habana. A little flavored combination truly works for this cigar. It is one of the top-rated cigars and considerably quite expensive.

4. Sindicato Affinity Corona: This is a mixture of Nicaraguan and Dominican tobacco. It gives a very rich flavored smoke. This cigar is packed in a Connecticut seed wrapper that produces in Ecuador. This cigar contains an awesome combination of flavors.

5. Hoyo De Monterrey Double Corona: It is the first Cuban cigar. This cigar is mainly hand-rolled and originates in the Vuelta Abajo tobacco region. Consisted of fragrance Habana is accessible in small to double-sized corona.

6. Padron 1964: For four years this cigar provides a different and unique flavor contains cocoa, coffee, earth, and hazelnut notes. It remains packed a sun-grown natural otherwise with Maduro wrappers that will not make you disappointed. This cigar introduced in the year 1994.

7. Gurkha Cigars Heritage: This is another Gurkha cigar in this list of top-rated cigars. The cigar was produced in Nicaragua but the wrapper is from Habana. It is a fine blend of Dominican, Nicaraguan, Pennsylvanian that work together so well and produce a medium-size cigar. People can expect the flavor of dark chocolate or coffee.

8. Diamond Crown Maximus Double Corona: This cigar remains encased in an E1 Bajo wrapper which is from Ecuador and the filler comes from the Dominican Republic. It is a full-sized in color and very smooth. People get the coffee flavor in it.

9. Perdomo 20 th Anniversary Maduro Corona Grande: It is filled with Nicaraguan filler and
wrapped with a Maduro one. There is an interesting combination of flavors like pepper, cocoa, earth notes, etc.

10. Montecristo Espada: It is a well-known cigar worldwide. It also has a Habana wrapper with Nicaraguan filler. It consists of oak, maple, roasted coffee, raisins and earth.

If you want to go through a proper list of top rated cigars worldwide, you have landed in the right place. We have listed those cigars that are well-reviewed by the ICA (International Cigar Association) cigar experts all around the world. If you are a beginner, you will be very helpful in this discussion.