Technology has seen significant progress in the last ten years in educating students and preparing them for their next phase in life.

The following are four ways technology is helping students learn about business.

Communication skills

Whether managing a team or becoming an entrepreneur, students must know how to communicate in the workplace to be successful in business effectively.

Communication isn’t just about effectively presenting information as it’s also about being able to actively listen to and assess information to generate a positive outcome.

Because of technology, we can now interact with people domestically or across the globe who have different perspectives and lead very different lives.

When you can video chat with people from diverse backgrounds, you learn how to communicate better and grow skills of active listening.

The world is becoming more connected, and technology helps us use this connectivity for enhancing business skills.

Software & programming

In business, you must learn how to utilize various types of software and possibly some programming.

Technology helps students learn about business by preparing them through the use of business software actively used in 83% of work environments.

Microsoft applications are core business software that offer a great example of tools that provide some programming capabilities.

If you’re a student using Excel or Access, familiarity with programming will help in creating statements that enable you to better evaluate the information you want without spending so much time manually organizing data.

If you’re doing simple tasks, such as word processing to create documents, letters, and simple reports, skills with Microsoft Office 365 will significantly support your activities with its available wizards and shortcuts for preparing standard business documents.

Also, as this software suite is available in many offices, if you’re starting your own business, anyone you hire or interact with will be using Microsoft Office for documents that you exchange easing the barriers to business communication.

Students will also benefit from learning other business software packages, such as QuickBooks and cloud-based offerings Google Docs and Google Drive.

These technologies learned by students carry over into the business world. Not only do they benefit the student, but also the businesses as minimal to no training is required for workers to utilize the software that runs the business.

Alternative learning environments

By using technology, students can now learn in the same digital environments in which they already thrive.

In the past with the only learning option being in classrooms with desks lined in a row or across a wall, students were not well prepared for what they would face in an office environment.

While you may still sit at a desk at your job, there will be more open than closed spaces. By having alternative learning environments, students learn about modern business working environments.

Students can also now learn via online portals and not solely in the classroom, which prepares students for the likelihood of online training that they may receive once in the business world.

Many business training courses are now hybrid with portions taught online through a learning portal as well as in a classroom.

Finance management

A business’ bottom line determines its. With students learning the basic principles of accounting and money management, specifically for business, understanding how a business’ financials operate will become second nature.

With the support of technology and social media, students can better prepare themselves for the financial aspects of a business.

Students can learn about personal and business finances from a plethora of resources from the Internet. Business finance skills can even be directly practiced through free online accounts that allow people to test drive financial knowledge.

Technology brings the ability for these students to learn through portals such as YouTube and follow business gurus focused on money management for business on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

These experts may share tips and hacks on how to make better financial business decisions. Since this information from the experts is typically offered free and open to the public, students have instant access through technology to learn how to manage finances in their business or when they enter the workforce at an organization.

Understanding finances are beneficial to the student for business as well as personal life. Learning business finance translates into personal budgeting and guides financial transitions into adulthood.

If you’re a student or the parent of a student and want to learn more about business, then dive into the technology that drives it. Technology will teach you more about business than you can learn by trial and error.