What is Keto Diet Actually?

Keto diet is the most favored dieting plan. As you can notice in social media, many celebrities are in the keto dieting plan. But what do you mean by the Keto diet? Actually it is an eating plan which consists of only 20-30% carbohydrate intake (about 30 grams) and 80% fat. Slicing carbs to this amount makes your body to consume fat for fuel so that the body weight can be reduced in a quick and simple way.

Though, eating this little carb is not that easy in every case, particularly when there is a chance to grab a delicious snack. Most of the snacks are stacked with sugars which are high carbs. If you are very fond of snacks, it will be very difficult to maintain the required distance from carbs. It takes many days to arrive at Ketosis, but a small bite of carb can derail you instantly.

Several keto snacks are available in the market and you can also plan your keto dieting. But in the rush of everyday life, finding time to plan something or to go to the shop is not that easy. Well, fortunately, Keto Box has heard the cries of the disappointed Keto dieters and bought a fruitful solution and that is to deliver it at your doorstep. Every month, after subscribing, a selected keto-approved snack will be sent to you by keto box.

Keto Box Review for Keto Dieters:

The keto box generally contains snacks with low-carb. You will find 5 grams of net carb. It comes with 8-11 items which are a combination of sweet and spicy snacks with a low-carb drink.

The items are not supposed to be the same every month. The items of previous boxes are given below: Sugar-free tomato ketchup

i) No-carb snicker doodles
ii) Instant oatmeal
iii) Roasted seaweed chips
iv) Grass fed beef sticks
v) Grass fed butter coffee
vi) Coconut chips
vii) Cauli rice
viii) Roasted hemp seeds
ix) Organic pork rinds etc.

You cannot avail of keto boxes in stores. Rather you have to pursue a membership by Keto box subscription process. 4 levels of subscriptions are there, you need to choose your level as per your need; give answers of a few survey queries; enter your payment and location details. As your subscriptions will be renewed automatically, you have to change your account setting if you have signed up and decided to cancel it. Otherwise, the subscription will continue.

The levels of subscriptions are:
i) Month to month (most expensive)
ii) 3 month prepay
iii) 6 month prepay
iv) 12 month prepay.

Keto boxes are dispatched on the 5th day of every month and delivered within 2-3 days after the dispatch date. It offers gift cards that you can redeem against your subscriptions. Not only snacks, but you will also get a 1-month keto diet meal plan with exclusive discount vouchers so that you can strategies your weight-loss journey easily.

While giving a keto box review, it can also be said that it is a great option for the dieters who have less time to plan or buy going stores. But on the other side, you cannot customize your keto foods. If you have a particular food allergy, or you are vegetarian, you can stop getting the keto box sent to you. Otherwise, you can enjoy a huge variety of food items.