Once the order is placed, customers have tons of questions in their mind like where is the product, is it dispatched or not, when will it arrive and so on. In this Digital Era, Where things are changing with lightning speed, the store owner has started sending order notification by sending informative order status to their store customer via SMS and Email. Gradually, social media became a replacement for traditional communication channels. There are tons of social apps that allows the user to get in touch with their loved ones but WhatsApp is rocking the lists of social media with its more than 1 billion+ active users worldwide. When businesses are seeking a tool for engaging with customers & serve personalized experience to their store customers, WhatsApp has rolled out his Business Services allowing the Store owner sending quick messages and easy options to get in touch with customers. It’s like a dream come true for Businesses but it’s not powerful enough for sending important order notification.

That’s why MageComp has come up with WhatsApp Order Notification Extension that allows you to send personalized Order Notifications directly to customer’s mobile number. Sending such important notifications via WhatsApp brings higher read rate because most of the messages are read in less than 3 Seconds. These types of Order notifications are not only effective but also faster, secure and reliable to send personalized experience to your store customers. Switching to WhatsApp Notification gives you freedom from sending standard 160 characters message and let you send a quick accessible link.

Top 5 Reasons why you should start Sending Notification on WhatsApp:

  1. Send such Notifications that No one can ignore.
  2. Begin Meaningful relationships with your Store customers.
  3. Save time and efforts by Automating Order Updates.
  4. Turn your customers into Returning customers.
  5. Serve Incredible Experience to your store Customers.

As of now, WhatsApp Order Notification Extension is available for Magento, WordPress and Shopify. Currently, Extension is available for Pre-Order but you can get early access and start sending Ordernotifications. Also, some early birds are sending Thousands of WhatsApp notifications every day and Growing by 400%.

Order now & get up to 3k WhatsApp Notifications credit along with the extensions to get started.

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