Whenever you are contributing in a contest that necessitates creative skills like photography, cooking, writing or any other things, and you have to make sure that you have crafted an outstanding entry. But that is not the only thing that you have to take care of when it involves online voting. You also have to gather a significant number of votes so that you can be considered as a winner of those contests. Many people show interest to join email contest votes. So, it validates the fact that you need to have an effective online voting strategy. And how to do that? We are just going to discuss it.

Craft a proper plan

By the time, the voters start their voting you must be ready with a proper plan. Give some time to yourself and chalk out the strategies, which you are going to apply to garner votes. Pen down a list of places, which you think is going to help you to gather votes and also tailor what you are going to ask them. Also, keeping a backup plan is also very substantial. For example, you know some people who will help you to get some extra votes, but you are not sure about whether you want them to utilize or not. In that case, you can keep those people in your back pocket so that you can apply them during the time of emergencies. Well, if you know the places from where you are getting votes, it will calm you down a bit.

Friends and families are also very important

We know that friends and families are not enough to make you win your votes, but you must not ignore them as well. Request them to deliver your message to their friends as well, if they don’t have any problem with that. In this way, you will be able to gather a good number of votes without even knowing. It is very important to know people in order to get the desired numbers of votes, maybe not a city of people but still, a good number of heads. In case, if you are living in a small town and online voting is going to decide your future, internet will be of no use as you can count the people with your two hands. So, what you can do is to get your families and friends, coworkers, audiences and your mother’s group. It will be best if you can reach up to them by emails so that they can forward those to other people as well.

Make use of your email contacts

It is bound that you have some email contacts in your email address book, which you don’t know personally but you have mailed them earlier for any reason. So, go through each of them and send them emails, requesting them to vote for you. And if anyone of them mails you back stating that he has voted for you; don’t forget to reply him, thanking about it. Also, if your contest is running for a long time, you have to send them another mail, asking about the second round of votes. Make them feel that you are thankful to them and you consider their support to be really significant in the field of your success. So, mailing is still not out of fashion, and you can still use it for the sake of getting votes.

Facebook can also be used as a potential tool of voting

Let us categorize Facebook into three parts as it has several features to offer. It will help you to understand better.

  • Your Facebook profile– Mail your friends with the help of Facebook and also post it in your wall to make your friends aware of the voting that is going on. Try to post it twice on a day- one in the morning and other in the night.
  • Facebook applications– Maybe you play some Facebook games, where you get the option to send gifts and communicate with your fellow players. So, use this platform to remind your friends to vote for you.
  • Facebook– This is also a very useful and impactful way to convey your request to your friends. You can create a group and add up your friends so that you can share all the necessary information as well as the link of your voting. Also, you can use this group as a reminder to the friends who have joined your group.

Twitter is also there

Just like Facebook, you can also use Twitter to reach a broader level of the audience. But this tip will only work if you have a large number of followers. In twitter also, you can post twice a day, which is one in the morning and another one in the evening.

So, these are some tips that you can follow to garner a good amount of online vote and get the desired and fruitful result.