Nowadays huge number of computer users rely on cloud storage so you may think that there is no need of a good internal disc drive. But if you want the best performance of the high-definition movies then you should invest in the one of the best internal blu ray burners. Like many other users you will also want to upgrade the DVD drive but you must know what is best for you.


Selecting the best one is not an easy job when you have to choose one from numerous options available in the market. Below mentioned are few points that you must consider before selecting one:

  • Check Compatibility: It is essential that you choose such a product which is compatible with your computer. Suppose you find a disc drive which is visually appealing, fast and affordable but not compatible with your computer, then there is no use of purchasing and installing it. So, before making the final decision you should check whether the preferred drive is compatible with your computer and for checking that you have to first of all find out if the internal drive that you are going to purchase is compatible with the operating system installed on the computer. Usually, compatibility is not the problem because most of the leading brands manufacture products which are compatible with various operating system platforms. Though, there are few products which are designed for some specific operating system like there are Blu-ray drives which are meant for mac will definitely not work for the windows operating system. So, you must check the specifications before making the final decision.
  • Must be versatile: Just writing and reading Blu-ray disks is not only work of drives, you have to choose the one which is able to perform other functionalities also. This is what many users don’t find out while purchasing it. That means the driver must be versatile to every type of disc. Suppose you purchased one which is able to read and write dual layer, single layer and quad layer and along with that it should also accept CDs and DVDs as well so that you can read and write virtually any type of disc on your computer.
  • Supports sound formats: There are an increasing number of consumers who are opting for Blu-ray drives or they are upgrading to it because of its video and sound quality. But before coming to any conclusion you must check the sound formats supported by your preferred unit. That means you have to choose one which supports surround sound formats. All Blu-ray internal drives available today doesn’t support it so you have to make your decision wisely.

Aspects of sound

When it comes about surround-sound formats then there are few aspects that you have to check before coming to a conclusion. Below all those aspects are mentioned in detail:

  1. Bitstream output is the mechanism which is used in some of the best drives. These drives are able to decode audio bits when that appear on Blu-ray discs and by doing so the drive allows the receiver to the surround sound format internally. That’s why you get the best sound quality through it.
  2. Except the bitstream drives, other have internal decoder that means the decoder chip decodes the sound and surround sound formats before sending it to the receiver.

Thus, these are the aspects that you have to keep in mind while choosing the right disc drive for your computer. There are many more technicalities that you must know for choosing the best one. You know that Blu-ray drives are some of the best but you may not know which of them are ideal for your computer. There are various things that you have to consider before shopping for the best internal blu ray burners. This is complete guide which will make your task easier.


  1. One important features of a good quality Blu-ray drive is that it must have a good data protection feature. That means it should support the M-DISC. It is always preferable if it has SATA interface and enhanced data protection feature.
  2. It must not use the conventional organic dye. The rewriter should be designed in such a way that it uses a rock-like patent recording surface to etch data onto the disc. This technology which will make the burner better than the traditional DVDs.
  3. Silent play technology is another feature which is incorporated in most of the drives. This feature helps in reducing the noise produced by the drive during playback. Delivering a silent play experience is vital feature which any drive must have otherwise purchasing it is not worthy.
  4. Innovative technology must be used in the drives so that it is able to function in various multimedia platforms and by doing so the product is able to regulate the playback speed to the optimal performance.
  5. The drives must be compatible with multiple optical disc types so that you can use various discs on it according to your comfort. That means it should be compatible with various versions of windows as well as other operating system.

These are some of the features that must be present in the internal blu ray burner that you are going to purchase. It is true that you know that Blu-ray is the best disc readers out there in the market but buying the one which meets all your requirements is the biggest challenge.


There are some drives which are great at archiving data and burning Blu-ray discs and there are some which are suitable for beginners so you have to make the choice keeping in mind all the above aspects. You have to fist check whether the product is compatible with your computer. After that you must check whether it has a satisfactory speed and then you have to confirm that it has surround-sound format which is very vital feature. Finally, the one you decide to buy must be versatile enough. You can even go through the reviews of the top rated internal blu ray burners for understanding the specifications of each one in detail.