We have a new fear, a fear of missing out (FOMO) on something important because we aren’t connected. It is somehow related to smartphone addiction that is causing serious trouble to users these days. According to recent studies as high as 30% of smartphone users is affected by this. Here, it requires a serious attention and counter steps need to be taken to deal with it. Further, when it comes to curbing the bad habits, Well, it starts with you!

Start Small: To begin with, you can make some necessary and small behavior changes to reduce smartphone addiction. Here, you can avoid carrying your smartphone everywhere you go. For example, if you are going for coffee break, leave your phone on the desk. This simple yet effective step will help you develop more effective steps further that helps you deal with smartphone addiction. Another simple trick is that, you should attention to people when you are talking or work in hand instead of smartphone in your hand. These small behavior changes will help you deal with smartphone addiction significantly.

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Turn Off Notifications: Well, that bright shining screen is the biggest source of distraction whenever you receive notification. You may find notification services is on even for the most un-useful app on your device to distract you again and again. Thus, it is suggested to turn off notifications for all those apps that you don’t find necessary for regular updates. It will help you avoid distraction every now and then. It will also help you reduce device resources consumption significantly.

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Uninstall Unnecessary Apps: So, you have lot of applications installed on your device for every single task you can perform virtually. Well, having multiple applications on your phone is absolutely okay but having them abundant may cause trouble to you. Especially when lot of these apps only remain idle on your device storage. These unnecessary apps not only occupy valuable device resources but many of them run in the background and keep you sending notifications unnecessarily. Thus, it is better to uninstall or disable all such apps that you rarely use or intend to use them in future. It will drastically improve your device performance.

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Enable Do Not Disturb: There is vibration mode and then there is Do Not Disturb mode. Well, vibration mode is useful addition to your device that helps you deal with unnecessary sound while being in office or cinema hall etc. But sometimes it may even disturb you while eating, meditating or doing something that requires concentration. Thus, it is better to keep your device on do not disturb mode where you won’t be bothered by calls, messages, notifications etc. Here, you can revert to important calls or messages when you are free.

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Turn off Network: Next best thing you can do to reduce smartphone addiction is to turn off network when not needed. It will help you spend quality time with family or friends and allows you to concentrate more important things at hand. Here, you can set network free zone at your home or office to reduce smartphone dependence. For example, you can set dining area at home or meeting room in office as network free to avoid unnecessary distraction. In addition to that, you should also turn off network when you are going to bed to have sound sleep. Benefit of this simple step is immense, as once you turn off network it will stop annoying you with notifications and once you turn on the network you get all important notifications instantly.

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Use Advanced Tools: The next best thing we suggest you to deal with smartphone addiction is to use advanced monitoring apps that help you track your smartphone usage and helps you reduce it significantly. One such app is Social Fever that tracks your smartphone & app usage and helps you reduce your smartphone addiction instantly. Further, it works automatically to save your time and efforts.

Conclusion: Dealing with smartphone addiction is no big deal with determination and behavior changes. Further, there are immense benefits of reducing your smartphone dependence as then you will have more quality time to do real-life things. Here, we have discussed some simple yet effective steps to deal with smartphone addiction. If you know more such steps, feel free to comment below.