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How to Download Animated GIFs

Animated GIF files are brief animations which are smaller and much more efficient than total videos. These images are usually simple to download from the Internet.


Determine whether the image is copyrighted. Check for phrases like “royalty free” on the webpage. Email the website owner for permission to use an image. The proprietor is likely to give permission to download it for private use and possibly for commercial usage.


Select the correct image size. Look for different sizes of the same graphic if the image is in a graphics library.


Put the mouse cursor over the image after you have the image you want.


Keep pressing the mouse button until you see a menu with an option to “Save As” on a Mac. Rename the file.


Move the cursor over the image on a PC. Press the right mouse button. Select “Save Picture As” when you see a menu pop up. Give the image a name and select “Save.”


Open the animated GIF in your Web browser to view it. Select “File.” Click on “Open” and “Browse.” Find the file and select “OK.”


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