– Costco Employee Site – Costco Employee Site

The Costco Employee Self-Service website is an online resource for Costco staff to access all of their Costco employee benefits and payroll-related data.  Employees can visit the website at https:/ and review all company-related subjects on the website. Each topic has a link to the actual company login page for employees to use.

Costco Employee Site

Costco Employee Site

The site provides a short overview of data along with the login link for the following subjects including 2015 Tax Forms, 2015W-2’s, Employee Self-Service, EPayroll, My Costco Account, Costco Pay Card, Whistle-blower Policy, and Journeys.  Employees can simply pick which subject they are looking to access and within each section there is a connection to the employee login page to log in to their business account.

The Costco staff page is an excellent starting point for customers to go to the right web places so they can access their accounts.  Employees who want to know more about their advantages can visit The site has information about enrolment, beneficiary forms, reimbursement accounts, health benefits plans offered, 401k plans, employee stock, etc.

ESS Costco Employee Self Service

The real Employee Self-Service website is available at https:/ and staff can view their time cards, pay stub, W-2’s, and update some private data.  Employees can update their bank direct deposit data, edit their contact data and alter their tax deductions from ESS. The EPayroll service mentioned on the Costco staff website will provide staff with historical pay information dating back to October 3, 2014.

Employees can also access their PaycheckPLUS Payroll Card from the ESS link to see their balance, verify their deposits, and review their transactions. The Costco Employee Self-Service site as a one-stop shop for all their worker requirements.

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